Big Day for Trey

Although we won’t know the results until Tuesday or Wednesday, they are drawing Trey’s blood today for the ever important flow cytometry report. As I’ve said, this is the most important blood draw of Trey’s little life. As you think about it today, just please pray throughout the day. We will post the results as soon as we know something.

Heavenly Father,
You known our heart. You know we trust You. But today, we ask for special grace. We ask for an underserved blessing. We ask that You would do the miraculous in Trey and lay Your strong and mighty healing hand upon him. Reach out and bring life…reach out and destroy the disease in my son. We humbly ask You to do what only You can do and wash over Trey in a powerful and awesome and holy way. We ask You for healing, but will trust You with the results. You are good and we have all our hope in You. We love You Lord!

In Jesus’ mighty name,

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