Surgery Results

Trey’s spleen was 3x’s times the normal size…so we are glad to get it out. We won’t know any of the specifics of what was in the spleen until next week We have to wait for the pathology report to be run.

Trey will likely be sore for 2-3 days and then we hope to see some relief to his tummy pain. So, we will probably know by the weekend if the removal of the spleen helped with his pain any.

We also hope to see some better hemoglobin and platelet production with the spleen being gone. As I’ve said before, we don’t think the removal of the spleen will help stop the LGL, but we do hope it helps Trey move toward the next transplant quicker and healthier. We shall see.

Emily and I both think Trey’s skin is looking better. He’s peeling terribly and it’s extremely dry, but it’s lighter. We hope his skin just gets better every day.

Please keep praying. These are important days for Trey. Thanks everyone!

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