Splenectomy for Trey

Trey will have his spleen removed laparoscopically next Wednesday. Please pray his spleen does not grow any more before the procedure and that it can be removed without any complications.

Also, please pray this helps Trey! Emily and I have both felt for a while that this needed to happen. By removing the spleen, we think the consistent pain Trey has had in his abdominal area will be immediately relieved and the abnormal cells that we feel are trapped inside the spleen and causing problems to his platelet and other good cell development will hopefully be eliminated as well. Emily and I feel this is the best decision for Trey and can only help him. Please join us in praying the removal of his spleen will go smoothly and help him immensely!

Thank you.

2 thoughts on “Splenectomy for Trey

  1. Patti Pitcock says:

    Jeremy and Emily,
    At an early age, it was detected I had a blood disorder that required the removal of my spleen. My mother, brothers, uncle, and his children also have the same link. Most, if not all, have had their spleen removed. Although it is nothing like what Trey is challenged with, we all became healthier due to the spleen blocking our ability to e come better. Just FYI,

    Patti Pitcock

  2. Great post thhankyou

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