Trying Something New

Trey likes to keep life interesting! He began running a fever about 1am last night and then again around 7am this morning. He currently, as of 12:45pm, has a fever right now. He is also, once again, having some slight blood pressure issues. Trey is very suppressed right now and highly susceptible to sickness, so…he’s either picked something up or is having delayed reactions to the Campath. Either way, things are under control for the time being though. He’s on meds for infection and other stuff to help if it’s the Campath. He’s not in a dangerous situation by any means at the moment, we are just watching him closely.

Our doctors do want to hold off on Campath for a few days and see how Trey does, but we don’t want to hold off too long and give the abnormal cells any room to start causing problems again. Trey’s liver and spleen are looking good, and his platelets are holding their own…so we need to stay on top of all that.

We are going to begin using something called photopheresis. Even though this has been around for a while, there is a new and advanced machine being used to help provide better performance. Our hospital is one of like 20-30 hospitals in the US that have this new machine. Basically, by using photopheresis, some of Trey’s blood will be taken from his central line, put through this advanced machine, treated, and put back in his body. The purpose of using this is to hopefully help with Trey’s skin condition. They hope that by treating the blood, it will help aid the healing process in his skin. We will see. Please be praying about this. As with anything, there are some small side effects, but nothing too serious. Just pray it helps.

That’s all for now. Things to pray for are:
1. Trey’s fevers to go away;
2. Trey’s blood pressure to stay up; and
3. His skin to heal and that the photopheresis would help!

Thanks everyone!

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