A Very Specific Prayer Request

It has been a while since I posted…which is a good thing because there has not been much to update. However, we have one big prayer need right now for Trey.

Trey skin condition is a problem. I don’t like to use the word rash any more, because it doesn’t aptly describe his problem. It’s much more serious than a rash…it is basically an infiltration of the lukemia cells in his skin…and it’s all over his body. There are days his skin looks better and days it is worse, and for whatever reason, the Campath is not destroying these bad cells that are in the skin. I can tell our doctors are concerned about it and are beginning to talk about more aggressive treatment options. We don’t want Trey to have to undergo more exploratory and perhaps unnecessary treatments…what we want is the “rash” to resolve itself.

So, what we are asking is for some very specific prayer for Trey’s skin problem:

1. Pray his skin just miraculously begins to clear up…Trey and I prayed about this today! Join us in this prayer please;
2. Pray the doctors have tremendous wisdom about treatment. Pray God opens their eyes to something they have not seen and that the treatment they offer will work!

Trey’s skin condition is setting us back. We need it resolved quickly. I am praying and believing that God is going to handle this for Trey, just like He’s handled everything else. Our God is able and we believe!!!

Also, here is a brief update on Toby. According to Ben and Jeannie, the doctors want to watch Toby a few more days before they do the lung biopsy. Toby has had some very moderate improvement in his lungs and the docs just want to give the lungs a few more days. Please pray his lungs continue to heal!

As always, keep praying…our God is in control! He is our refuge and strong tower!!! We trust Him!

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