A Respite for Trey

Well…Trey is doing pretty good. Even though his numbers are low, they are good considering all he has been through and the level of medications he is taking daily. However, his doctors feel Trey’s morale is a little low and would like to give him a couple of days away from the hospital. So…if Trey has a good day today and handles Campath well in the morning, he might get to come home for the weekend. I think this will be a very good thing for Trey.

Of course, we are a little nervous taking him out of the hospital, but we feel we will be able to keep him isolated and safe for a couple of days…plus it will lift his spirits tremendously. Trey is not depressed or anything like that, it just wears on you being in the hospital for so long. Getting some sunshine and fresh air will be great…along with some quality time with his family.

His rash is still concerning to our doctors. Emily and I think it’s improved slightly, but it’s still very pronounced. It would be FANTASTIC if his rash started disappearing significantly…quickly. Please keep that as a matter of prayer.

Any way, I hope Trey gets to go home. He knows not to get his hopes up, but he is very much wishing he can have the weekend at home.

One more thing…we do not know when Trey’s next transplant will be yet. They want to get the rash under control first. Our doctor’s will be meeting us sometime in the next week or two to discuss what is next for Trey. We will update you with those details when we have them. We love you and GREATLY appreciate your prayers!


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