A Few Things…

Trey is looking pretty good. He continues to have no fevers, or tummy pain…and he’s eating almost normally again. His new craving is the TWIX bar. He would eat 6 of them a day if we would let him. The doc also disconnected him from IV fluids today too, so now he can walk around without being connected to the medicine pole. That’s really great for him.

The rash is still very pronounced. I think it may be a bit fainter in color, but it’s still very much there. Since we know it’s the lukemia cells that have infiltrated the skin, we are hoping the Campath will target those cells as well now that the abnormal cells in the blood seem under control. We will see. The creams don’t seem to be working…if they are, they are slow moving. Any way, we needs signs of improvement by Monday morning. Please pray about that.

Some other good news is that Trey’s spleen still feels smaller, and his blood counts are looking better. We also continue to praise God that we have a match for Trey. It will be a few weeks before we do the next transplant though. So…it’s looking to be a long summer for all of us…and we are already praying this transplant will be just what Trey needs to live a long and healthy life. Oh Lord, may it be!

Also, my nephew, Toby, has improved. They took him off the ECMO machine today. He’s still on the ventilator, but his saturation levels are all staying up right now without the ECMO machine help. That’s a huge improvement from last week. The next step will be to wean him off the ventilator and see how he does with basic oxygen help…then the final step will be to see how he does breathing on his own. Ben and Jeannie are grateful and thankful for all this. Keep praying for them too.

Any way, life is interesting. Some days I feel very strong, and other days on the verge of collapse. We know God is with us and His will is being done. We are just holding on to Him and trying to endure with His joy! We are blessed to know and serve the one true God! Please keep the prayers coming. We love you.

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