Trey Update

Trey is getting ready to have his Campath today. We are upping the dosage just slightly in hopes of trying to really get to the cells that have infiltrated his skin. Please pray that the Campath will continue to keep the abnormal cells suppressed in the blood and start to go after the cells in the skin.

Trey’s rash is still very pronounced…it may be a touch lighter, but it’s just hard to tell if the rash is any better. Please continue to lift him up. The rash needs to be resolved before they can move onto the next bone marrow transplant. The have found a donor though…which is a huge answer to prayer. We, of course, do not know the donor’s name, but I’m told he’s a young man in his early 20’s. We are so thankful to have a match.

Trey will have the weekend off from Campath, and we are hoping that when Monday rolls around, that his skin will look much better. We know you’re praying and we really appreciate it! Please Lord…kill the bad cells…ALL OF THEM!

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