Great News…and some needed prayer!

The doctor just came by with good news for Trey. An ultrasound from this morning revealed that his spleen has gone down in size by 25%!!! This is huge. It was measuring 23, and is now measuring 16 (normal is 11-12). This is a huge praise for us and probably the reason Trey has not complained of tummy pain for many days! Based on this progress, we will continue with Campath this week. He will get the 5 mg dose today.

Our biggest hurdle before moving to another transplant is the skin. Trey’s rash is severe and is a form of the LGL. It does not appear to be better and seems to be a touch worse each day. Our doctors are consulting a special skin doctor, and considering a couple of possible treatments. Please pray with us that this rash resolves itself…an overnight miracle would be awesome! (Thankfully, the rash does not hurt or itch…just looks very scary and we need to stop it from spreading). Trey is also eating better, and has been fever-free for about a week now. We are enjoying these much needed good days, and praying they continue!!! We, of course, are trying to stay steady. We don’t like to get too high or too low based upon our circumstances, but are simply asking God for strength to endure and the ability to glorify Him in all things! Please pray with us for the rash to look better ASAP!!!

On a more somber note, please pray for our nephew Toby! His situation is touch and go right now. Even with the ventilator, his lungs are not responding as they should. The doctors are trying some more aggressive treatments to help, but we really need things to turn around for Toby right now. Please pray for his parents, Ben and Jeannie, and the doctors as they work hard to address and fix Toby’s problems. We know the Lord is in control and is holding all involved in His hands…and we trust Him!

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