Please Read!

I am claiming this promise today…I love the truths of God’s Word. His Word is 100% trustworthy, because HE is 100% true!

“And those who know your name put their trust in you, for you, O Lord, have not forsaken those who seek you (Psalms 9:10.”

Trey is about to start Campath today and I’m trusting it will be a smooth day! He is still looking good. Of the two liver enzymes they monitor, one was back in the normal range today, and the other one is close to normal. So…they are way down from where they were. His bilirubin is still normal! GLORY TO GOD! He still has his rash and we haven’t heard the biopsy report yet, but are praying it just resolves itself. Please keep lifting that up…and for Trey to stay healthy. He is very compromised right now and highly susceptible to sickness…we need him to stay well!

His doctor thinks Trey is looking good though (all things considered). I still think the plan is to do a flow cytometry on Monday and see what the percentage of abnormal cells is. We will then be making decisions about removing the spleen and doing a 3rd transplant…so we have some very important days coming up…and we need to find a match…so keep praying about that too!

On a personal note, Emily’s dad will be staying with Trey tonight and tomorrow night, so Emily and I can have 2 nights together. We have not slept under the same roof in over a month. I’m looking forward to some much needed time together. I miss being able to just talk with Emily and pray with her face to face. Please pray no surprises happen with Trey causing us to have to forego this time together. So…I will only update if there is something important to update…otherwise, I’ll be talking a couple of days off from the social media world :-)

We are so grateful though! We are still basking in the sunshine God provided through such generous people last night! Over 500 potential matches! God has been so good to us and Trey!

Lord willing, I will be back in the pulpit this Sunday for Mother’s Day! I will be giving updates and sharing a personal message about making the most of the life God gives you. I’d love to have you join. Visit for information.

We love you guys!

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