Serious gratitude and prayer

Trey’s doing pretty good. It’s hard to get too excited because things change so quickly around here. His liver enzymes went down again and his bilirubin continues to stay in the normal range. Those are great things. Trey is still not eating a lot, but he ate almost an entire grilled cheese last night and the night before and continues to drink lots of milk. Another huge thing is that he has not complained of any tummy pain in a few days. This is so good. The one consistent pain problem Trey has had since the Fall is tummy pain. I love that he’s not had any pain lately. I just praise God for that and give Him glory!

There are things that are still very concerning though, and we continue to ask for prayer for these things:

1. His white blood cell count, hemoglobin and platelets continue to stay low. I think this is one reason our doctors feel another transplant is necessary. Since they have been so aggressive at trying to suppress the abnormal cells, there has been damage to the good cells, and they are not producing as they should, hence the low counts. It would be wonderful to start seeing those things go up on their own…I’m asking the Lord for that.

2. The rash on his body continues to look worse, and is either a result of the Campath, or the abnormal cells. It does not look like the rash he had back in the Fall though, so I continue to think it’s medication related, but I’m not sure. I’m praying that this will go away immediately! Another doctor is coming by today to look at it and biopsy it. That should tell us what it is for sure.

3. Trey’s tummy is still big. Now that his steroid dosage has been reduced, his overall swelling is down, but it’s obvious his spleen is still enlarged. I’m praying fervently for this to resolve itself so he will not have to have it removed. However, if removing the spleen will benefit Trey, then I am all for it. So, I’m just really asking the Lord for great wisdom here for our doctors.

4. Finally, I know our doctors do not think the good cells in his body will recover without another transplant. We are all for another transplant of that is what Trey needs…so, we need wisdom here. I, of course, am still praying for the miraculous, but I understand a 3rd transplant may be want is necessary. We just need God’s clear direction here. Please keep praying about that.

As always, we need you in the battle…pray, pray and pray some more. Here is a great reminder today:

“Call to me and I will answer you, and will tell you great and hidden things that you have not known (Jeremiah 33:3).”

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